Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Are Buried In Illinois

By Mrs. E. S. Walker
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society,
Volume 6, Number 1, p. 112 to 117, April 1913,
Phillip' Bros., Printers, Springfield, Illinois, 1913

Heroes of the American Revolution

When the record of Revolutionary' soldiers buried in Sangamon, Madison, and other counties was published in previous issues of the Journal, it was not claimed that the record was complete, only names of those whose military service had been verified were given. It has been ascertained that one more name can be added to the Tablet erected in Sangamon County in memory of Revolutionary soldiers once residents of the county.

Sangamon County
Bazel, or Basrzilla Clark
Bazel, or Basrzilla Clark who was born in Pennsylvania in 1750; he was married in 1773 to Nancy ___, who endured peculiar hardships during the war, being confined in a fort where for two weeks she subsisted on parched corn and water. Bazel Clark acted as private in Pennsylvania Militia, Washington County, Pennsylvania. They came to Sangamon County in 1821, settling in Salisbury Township, where he died September 24, 1840.

Madison County
Absalom Baker
Absalom Baker was a native of North Carolina where he enlisted in May, 1775, under Capt. John Brannon, serving until 1781. He was in the battles of Stono and Bacon's (Biggin's) Bridge; was taken prisoner at the Siege of Charleston and held thirty days; was in Buford's defeat; the battle of Ramsour's Mills; Sumter's defeat at Hanging Rock; was wounded in the battle of Gates' defeat near Camden; and was in the battle of King's Mountain, Monk's Comer, Guilford Court House and Eutaw Springs. A remarkable record for one man. He came to Illinois in 1824, settling in Sangamon County, but removed to Madison County where he died in 1833.

Warren County
James Meadows
James Meadows, who was born in Virginia in 1750; while a young man he went to North Carolina to reside and entered the service from that state. He served until the close of the war. In 1794 he removed to Kentucky, and in 1832 came to Illinois to reside, settling in Warren County. His grave in the Meridan cemetery was marked by the Puritan and Cavalier Chapter D. A. R. of Monmouth.

Menard County
Lewis Ferguson
Lewis Ferguson, a native of Virginia, born in 1760, enlisted in Culpeper County in 1778, serving until 1780. He was first a private but was promoted to a Lieutenant under Capt. Garland Burrly; Col. Francis Taylor, He died in Menard County in 1842. Was pensioned.

Menard County
James Thomas
James Thomas was born in Maryland in 1750; enlisted in 1776 serving six years as a private in Captains David Hopkins and David Plunkett's companies; Col. Stephen Maylan, in 4th Continental Dragoons. He was wounded in the battles of Germantown and Savannah, was also in the battles of Brandywine, Monmouth and the Siege of Yorktown. After the war he removed to Indiana, coming to Illinois he resided in Menard County, where he died in 1833.

Menard County
Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker was born in Pennsylvania in 1758, and died in Menard County in 1847. He served at various times in the Pennsylvania troops from June 1, 1776, to March, 1779. He was given a pension. He died in Menard County, Illinois.

Menard County
Joshua Short
Joshua Short was born in Virginia about 1752; he enlisted in 1776, serving until 1778 in the Virginia troops. At the close of the war he removed to Kentucky and in 1825 came to Illinois, settling near Springfield. Joshua Short was one of the aged men who rode in a canoe, mounted on wheels and rigged as a ship, in the procession at the Whig gathering in 1840. He removed to Menard County, where he died two years later.

Greene County
Michael. M. Baker
Michael. M. Baker was born in 1753 in Borough of Southwark, London, England, coming to America in 1773. He early espoused the cause of the new country, and enlisted in 1779 in Major Frederick Vernon's company, Col. David Broadherdin Pennsylvania troops, serving as Sergeant, He removed to Ohio and later to Greene County, Illinois, where he died in 1831.

Greene County
Allen J. Bridges
Allen J. Bridges was a native of Wake County North Carolina; born in 1756, and died in Greene County, Illinois, 1846. He enlisted in Rowan County and served seven months as private in Alexander's company; Col. Joseph McDowell. He was in the battles of Ramsour and Salisbury. He married in Greene County, Elizabeth Irwin, and she drew a pension after the death of her husband.

Greene County
John Clark
John Clark was born in 1765, in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, and died in Greene County, Illinois, September 13, 1844. He served from 1778 to the close of the war, enlisting three different times, serving under Captains Timothy Downing, Samuel Teeters, and again under Timothy Downing, Colonels Williamson and Crawford, in Virginia line of troops. He was in battle with Indians at the time Col. Crawford was captured.

Greene County
Jesse Conway
Jesse Conway was a native of Virginia, enlisting at Reed Island in 1777 for eighteen months, again in 1779 for sixteen months, serving under Captains William Buchanan and Isaac Riddle, with Boon and Bowman as Colonels. He was born in 1761, and died in Greene County, Illinois, in 1840.

Greene County
James Garrison
James Garrison was born near Fredericktown, Pennsylvania, in 1747; he enlisted at Wilkes County, North Carolina, in 1775, for three months, under Captain John Hamlin; Colonel Benjamin Cleaveland; enlisted again in 1781, with Captain Alexander Gordon; Colonel Joseph McDowell. He was engaged in the battles of Cross Creek, the surrender of ninety-six, and the battle of Eutaw. He received a pension in 1833 while a resident of Greene County, Illinois, where he died.

Greene County
Adonijah Griswold
Adonijah Griswold was born at New Milford, Connecticut, 1758; he entered the service in Vermont under Captain _____ Barnum and Major Gideon Brownson in Vermont Militia; he served as a scout until 1778, when he was taken prisoner, carried to Quebec, and kept there until 1781. He died in Greene County, Illinois, September 1, 1841. (From further investigation it is claimed that his record of service was not sufficient. We give the benefit of the doubt and place his name on the list of Patriots.—Ed.)

Greene County
John Hewitt
John Hewitt was born in 1761 in Brunswick County, Virginia; removed to North Carolina where he enlisted August, 1778; re-enlisted seven times, serving until 1781; was private and Sergeant under seven captains, viz.: Williams, Smith, _____ McFarling, _____ Moore, John Henderson, Nathan Goodye, _____ White, Fuller and Colonel _____ Malmady. He was in the battles of Guilford Court House and Ramsour's Mill. He died in Greene County, Illinois, in 1848, and lies buried in that county.

Greene County
Robert Lorton
Robert Lorton, a soldier of the Revolutionary war, was born in Charlotte, Virginia, where he enlisted in 1776, and served two years as private in the 4th Virginia Regt., under Captain John Morton and Colonel Adam Stephen. He was in the battles of Trenton, Germantown and Brandywine; re-enlisted under Captain Holcomb, serving six months. After the war he removed to Kentucky, and at an early date came to Illinois, first to Bond County, and later settled in Greene County, where he died in 1833. Robert Lorton was the founder of Lorton Prairie near Whitehall, where he lies buried.

Greene County
Francis Miller
Francis Miller was born at Sea, October 16, 1753, when his parents were on a voyage from Philadelphia to Charleston, South Carolina. They removed to Mecklenburg County, where Francis Miller enlisted in 1775 as private; he again enlisted and was made captain, serving three times as that officer in the Riflemen Rangers, with Robert Irwin as Colonel. He served until 1781, and was in the battles of Hanging Rock and Guilford Court House. He removed to Greene County, Illinois, at an early date, and died there in 1843.

Greene County
Jonah Scroggins
Jonah Scroggins was born in 1763, in Brunswick County, Virginia; he enlisted in Butte County, North Carolina, in 1778, with Robert Temples as Captain and Charles Pinckney as Major; he re-enlisted three times under Captains Philip Taylor, Philip Thomas and John Whitley, and Major Dennis, and Major Robert Rayford. He died in Greene County, Illinois, in 1845.

Greene County
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith was a native of North Carolina, born 1765; he enlisted in 1781, only serving thirty-four days, when he was shot through the thigh in the battle of Eutaw Springs. He served under Captains _____ Moore and Michael Randolph, with Colonels _____ Lytle and _____ Lee. After the war he removed to Tennessee, and from there to Illinois, settling in Greene County. He died in March, 1841.

Source: Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Volume 6, Number 1, April 1913, Phillip' Bros., Printers, Springfield, Illinois, 1913.

Submitted by: Judy White

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